Monday, March 3, 2014

Thyroid specialist

Dr. M. Chandrashekharan is a very good doctor. I got operated by him, he was there in time, he completed the operation in time told to us and I didnt need blood transfusion because of his new technique.Though he is endocrinologist , he sees the patients only regarding thyroid.
He is an excellent doctor but not very social or kind person.Even for a little cold and cough also he wouldnt suggest you anything...and he wouldnt accept the blood reports of anywhere else, he wants you to get tested there a little money minded too.But then in medical requirements, its better to go to a good doctor than a good person.

Mccarthy Clinic
14, Prakasam St, Gangai Karai Puram, Thiyagaraya Nagar
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
+91 44 4260 5665


  1. one should go to best doctor even if he is strict
    result matters nothing else

  2. exactly..thats the reason I recommend him..

  3. Yes a reliable Dr is more important than saving a few pennies.

  4. Good professionals are important in every field, so if you like someone and have interacted may send me the details, I will put that here for everyone's use